Good Luck!

Today begins the effort to heal Trenton. I wish Mayor Eric Jackson, members of City Council, and all of the current and future municipal employees and appointees of the new Administration nothing but good will and good luck as they begin today to – hopefully – reverse not just four years of mendacity and disaster, [...]

NJ's Long Con - A Peril to Trenton's New Administration

The Trenton Times has a good editorial today. Titled “N.J. $82M[illion] incentive to bring 76er practice facility to Camden is purely for show,” the piece uses the specific example of the aforementioned incentive granted to the Philadelphia 76er basketball team over the next 10 years to make a larger point about the worrisome [...]

Paul Perez Interview, Part 3 of 3

Here is the final installment of my interview on June 4 with Paul Perez.

In this segment, Mr. Perez talks about his campaign, including the endorsement given to him by former Trenton School Board President Toby Sanders, about which I wrote on April 6, who is married to Paul Perez’s niece. That, and other family connections, [...]

Part 2, Paul Perez Interview

Here is Part 2, of 3.

Paul Perez Interview, Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, after the May 13 election, I extended an invitation to both Eric Jackson and Paul Perez to each sit with me for an interview about the state of their campaigns and some of the issues facing the City of Trenton.

Through a campaign spokesperson, Mr. Jackson declined the opportunity for an [...]

Chilling About ICE

The full text of Trenton City Council Resolution #14-300, authorizing final payment in the amount of $52,918.49 to the Long Marmero and Associates LLP law firm is available. Council is scheduled to consider the matter at its meeting this evening.

According to the text of the resolution, the legal services provided to Trenton by Long Marmero [...]

More Pay-to-Play Woes for Eric Jackson

This morning, the Trenton Times has once more given its opinion page to mayoral candidate Eric Jackson, who tells us that “Our city deserves better than the rampant crime, corruption and ethical mismanagement we have seen over the last several years.”

I could not agree more, but I question whether Mr. Jackson is the right person [...]


Would you be ready to marry someone after a courtship consisting of only a half-dozen speed-dates? I wouldn’t!

Yet, Trenton mayoral candidate Eric Jackson is ready to call the caterer and get measured for his tux. He’s done debating opponents for this current election, and thinks he’s done all he has to in order to tie [...]

Follow the Money

The stage is set for Trenton’s mayoral runoff on June 10. In Tuesday’s election, Eric Jackson (as generally expected) and Paul Perez (as generally unexpected) topped the field of six candidates. These two candidates claimed a little under 52% of the vote, while the remaining 4 shared the remaining 48%.

The results were pretty definitive, although [...]

The Court of Public Opinion

Something happened last weekend, at a campaign event in Mill Hill Park hosted by mayoral candidate Eric Jackson. Something happened that involved another mayoral candidate, Paul Perez, and a few prominent Jackson supporters and members of his campaign. Something happened that led to Facebook posts and comments alleging Mr. Perez assaulted one of those supporters, [...]