Trenton Gets it Right... for a Change

Over the six-year (!) life of this space, I’ve found myself being critical of the way the City of Trenton has been governed, more often than not.

No, seriously. I know it’s a shock. I have found on a pretty regular basis that much of what the City has done or failed to do in the [...]

Mr. Hands-Off Strikes Again

I’m tired of bringing this up, again and again. But, it’s still relevant, each and every time.

In 2014 Eric Jackson was elected Mayor of Trenton in very large measure because he promised to be the Anti-Tony-Mack. Whereas Mack was ethically and morally-challenged to the point of criminal prosecution and conviction, Jackson presented himself as Mr. [...]

A Fairy Tale

What a Con Artist Looks For in a Scam Victim!

The chosen

Con artists choose you very carefully.  They are only interested in those people who can be turned around to believe in them without question, who can be manipulated to believe in their illusions.  They don’t merely [...]

Storm Clouds Over New Jersey's Finances

The profound silence from West State Street about the City of Trenton’s misguided, stupid, irresponsible proposal to sell long-term debt to cover the short-term theft of millions of dollars in payroll tax payments by former vendor Innovative Payroll Services tells me that the State of New Jersey has at least tacitly given its blessing to [...]

Mark 6:4

You know, that’s the one about the prophet without honor in his own town.

Yep, pretty much.

In the example I will discuss this morning, the Prophet spoke through a lawyer. He was no less clairvoyant by virtue of being represented by Counsel.

Today’s reading comes from select excerpts from the Letter of James Brady, Attorney at Law, [...]

Deuda Basura

Traducido por JQ Díaz

*Nota del traductor: *

*Estimado lector: Esta excelente columna de Kevin Moriarty es una excelente
advertencia sobre las malas decisiones que han históricamente tomado
diversos gobiernos municipales y estatales en tomar prestamos a largo
plazo para pagar deuda presente. Ya se han evidenciado los resultados en
los casos más recientes como los de la ciudad [...]


We know a little bit more about the Eric Jackson Administration’s plan for this Thursday’s proposed Resolution #16-170. As usual, this being Trenton, what we are finding out ain’t good.

We first heard about this Resolution on Friday, as an Agenda item on the docket for the May 5 meeting of City Council. The item on [...]

Resolution #16-170

[As emailed to City Council members, 4-29-2016]

Good Afternoon -

At your upcoming Council session of May 5, you will deliberate Resolution #16-170, authorizing an Emergency appropriation to pay the US Internal Revenue Service the funds embezzled in 2015 by individuals associated with Innovative Payroll Services. I understand the grave nature [...]

Es inaceptable

Number 2 in an experimental series. Thanks, Jeffrey Quinones-Diaz

La Junta Escolar de Trenton aprobó anoche su presupuesto por un total de $
299 millones. Según el reportaje de Cristina Rojas en el *Trenton Times*
los estados financieros suman a una diferencia de $ 5,9 millones de gastos
por encima de los ingresos. Como resultado de ello, la [...]