This Stuff Writes Itself!

NOTE: Below is a piece from May 29, 2014. I’ve had to do a remarkably minimal amount of editing to update this this year. Events don’t usually parallel themselves so closely, but hey! This is Trenton, where if something is worth doing once, it’s worth doing over, and over, and over again.

Even if all we [...]

Come On In, Boys! There's Plenty for Everyone!

The outgoing Eric Jackson Administration and lame-duck City Council are planning on leaving a nice parting gift to the new Mayor and City Council .And they are creating Christmas in May for two dozen of New Jersey’s leading – and politically connected – law firms.

In the published Docket for Thursday’s City Council meeting are no [...]


“We must hold our elected leaders to a higher standard and they must demonstrate they are worthy of the voters’ trust.” – Walker Worthy, as quoted in the Trenton Times, April 21, 2014

If we use the “higher standard” that he used against his then-rival, Eric Jackson, then we have no choice but to conclude that [...]

Make a New Plan, Stan

Whoever the new Mayor and Council will be, the outgoing officials will be leaving a very large present for them.

The City is soliciting proposals for vendors to provide “Operations and Administrative Services” for the troubled Trenton Water Works (TWW). This is in addition to the contracts in place with the Wade Trim and [...]

Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

An update to last night’s piece:

Based on assurances from the Paul Perez campaign last night, that the Perez campaign was not responsible for producing or distributing a tasteless graphic yesterday featuring the late Ray Charles “endorsing” Paul Perez’s candidacy for Trenton Mayor, I wrote the following: “A representative from Paul Perez’s campaign denied that they [...]

The Longest, Silliest Week

Yesterday, a couple of graphics were making the rounds on Facebook, appropriating the image of Ray Charles to promote Paul Perez, and a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote Reed Gusciora. The first seemed to appear only online. The second was apparently printed onto handbills that ended up as handbills appearing in several [...]

Ancient History?

Last week, the Trentonian – the only one of the two remaining daily newspapers in town reporting Trenton non-sports news on a regular basis, published a kind of non-story story. The April 18 story by David Foster reported on the news that four City Council candidates – At-Large candidates Elvin Montero and Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer,  East [...]

Cut and Paste

In my last piece posted on Friday, I wrote about a proposed Ordinance #18-24, dealing with residential Yard Waste. This Ordinance, one of three presented to Trenton City Council in order, as explained by Public Works Director Merkle Cherry, to bring the City into compliance with Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations concerning stormwater maintenance. [...]

Down The Drain

On Tuesday of this week, the Trentonian – the only one of the two newspapers in town that still prints news about Trenton – published a story about an Ordinance that Trenton City Council was due to discuss and consider for 1st Reading at its meeting last night. The Ordinance, #18-24, according to the piece [...]

Talking a Lot, but What Are They Saying?

All seven Trenton mayoral candidates appeared on the same dais yesterday, in a town hall event produced by The Trentonian, and held at the downtown campus of Mercer County Community College. It was billed as “a debate,” but like most events labeled that way, it really wasn’t. Limited by the rather confusing and frustrating format, [...]