Falling On Deaf Ears

Yesterday evening, I was one of about a half-dozen citizens speaking on the matter of the proposed Trenton Salary Raise Ordinance. All spoke against the proposal, including myself. Most spoke on behalf of themselves. Paul Mitsis also spoke on behalf of the Glen Afton Civic Association. Most spoke well. One, Daryl Brooks, spoke incomprehensibly, of [...]


“We’ve had good, consistent, managerial, quality leadership. We haven’t been bogged down in scandal, we haven’t had any of the three-letter agencies running into our government.” – Trenton Mayor, Eric Jackson, as quoted in The Trentonian, 8/16/2016


It seems Rudy Giuliani isn’t the only one with a highly selective memory. At least Rudy conveniently [...]

The Comedians

If, as has been said, the Secret to Comedy is Timing, then those folks down at City Hall should rename their digs the Trenton Friars Club. Because they have some exquisitely-timed jokes scheduled for this coming Thursday night’s session – or should I say set? – at City Council.

I refer to this agenda item, the [...]

Trenton as a “City-Wide Area in Need of Rehabilitation”

I’ve been aware of the activities being conducted under the banner of the Trenton250 Project. This is the City of Trenton-led effort to involve local residents, property and business owners, planning experts and officials, and other stakeholders in a long-range Master Plan to re-develop the City over the next several decades in [...]

The City Keeps Paying, and Paying, and Paying

Was this supposed to make us feel better?

” ‘The city never had any financial difficulty. This was never about financial difficulties,’ city spokesman Michael Walker said. ‘This was about performance of the contract, safety of city residents who are using the pools and our fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers. … [...]

In the Deep End

“Frisby said he felt many pools were ‘concrete, ugly spaces.’ The YMCA pulled out beach chairs and lawn chairs to ‘make it look like a country club, but not a country club,’ according to Frisby. ‘When the pool area looks better, people treat it better. We want to give residents what [...]


We have been here before, as a nation. As victims of this nation’s original sin, we will be here again. What we, as a civil society, choose to do now will determine how bad the next time will be.

Around 225 persons will have been murdered in the United States this week. Each of them had [...]

Trenton Gets it Right... for a Change

Over the six-year (!) life of this space, I’ve found myself being critical of the way the City of Trenton has been governed, more often than not.

No, seriously. I know it’s a shock. I have found on a pretty regular basis that much of what the City has done or failed to do in the [...]

Mr. Hands-Off Strikes Again

I’m tired of bringing this up, again and again. But, it’s still relevant, each and every time.

In 2014 Eric Jackson was elected Mayor of Trenton in very large measure because he promised to be the Anti-Tony-Mack. Whereas Mack was ethically and morally-challenged to the point of criminal prosecution and conviction, Jackson presented himself as Mr. [...]

A Fairy Tale