Now Pitching for the Trenton Blunder...

I meant to post this yesterday, before the news of the property tax revaluations broke. I’ll get to it in a minute. Bear with me for a bit.

Regarding yesterday’s piece on the tax valuations, I want to state again how the figures on the spreadsheet made available by Appraisal Systems, Inc (ASI) should be interpreted [...]

Re-Evaluations are in. You Won't Like Them!

This morning’s Trenton Times, in an article by Cristina Rojas, tells us that “Revaluation notices started arriving in the mail this month for Trenton residents as part of the first citywide revaluation in more than two decades.” Later in the article we read, “Starting in February, the data will be available for property [...]

Trenton Makes It Official. PLUS, Updated E.R.A.'s

We read this story in last Thursday’s Trenton Times:

In this article, Trenton Business Administrator Terry McEwen talked to Times reporter Cristina Rojas about a new position in Trenton’s payroll department to process transactions for employee payroll and Human Resources activity. Ms. Rojas reported that Mcwen explained that this new person “would [...]


As in Earned Run Average.

Wikipedia defines this as:

“In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched (i.e. the traditional length of a game). It is determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and [...]

Jacksonian Excuses

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson, explaining how he thinks his non-profit organization, “Moving Trenton Together,”  filed annual tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service, despite all currently available evidence to the contrary:

“I’m almost sure we did because I remember the name of the form.”

I’m sure you agree that this statement is very flexible, and may be [...]

Do the Math

Arithmetic, actually. It’s not that difficult, at all.

This morning, the Trenton Times printed an article by Cristina Rojas on the current effort to overturn Ordinance #16-50. Council passed this Ordinance, as well as Resolution #16-591 which the Ordinance authorized, on October 20. This Ordinance created salary ranges for Trenton’s Mayor Eric Jackson as well as [...]

Petitions are Ready!

Petitions are ready!

Trenton’s City Council approved Ordinance #16-50 on Thursday evening. This Ordinance sets salary ranges for the Mayor, Chief of Staff, Business Administrator, Municipal Judges and Departmental & Division Directors. By separate Resolution, Council authorized 3% raises, retroactive to January 1 for all the above, excepting the Chief of Staff.

We believe 3% is [...]

Eric Jackson's Crime Solution has a Problem of its Own

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson has a problem.

Under considerable pressure by citizens to say something and do something in response to a severe uptick in violent crime in Trenton over the summer months, and facing criticism for being mostly silent and invisible during the weeks when frequent shootings were wounding and killing people at a frantic [...]

THIS is What We Were Waiting For?

There was quite the building-up of expectations for yesterday’s presentation on public safety in Trenton by Mayor Eric Jackson. Expectations created and managed by Mr. Jackson and his Administration. A Monday headline in the Trentonian proclaimed, “Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson to take drastic measures against violence.” In the article under that headline, Mr. Jackson sure [...]

The Latest on the City Management Salaries

Last night, Trenton’s City Council met in a regularly-scheduled session. As had been reported the day before, Council did not discuss or vote on the Salary Range Ordinance #16-50 or the implementing Resolution #16-591, having postponed the matter until its upcoming October 20 meeting. However, a few members of the salary petition Committee attended the [...]