Resolution #16-170

[As emailed to City Council members, 4-29-2016]

Good Afternoon -

At your upcoming Council session of May 5, you will deliberate Resolution #16-170, authorizing an Emergency appropriation to pay the US Internal Revenue Service the funds embezzled in 2015 by individuals associated with Innovative Payroll Services. I understand the grave nature [...]

Es inaceptable

Number 2 in an experimental series. Thanks, Jeffrey Quinones-Diaz

La Junta Escolar de Trenton aprobó anoche su presupuesto por un total de $
299 millones. Según el reportaje de Cristina Rojas en el *Trenton Times*
los estados financieros suman a una diferencia de $ 5,9 millones de gastos
por encima de los ingresos. Como resultado de ello, la [...]


Trenton’s School Board passed its budget last night, totaling $299 Million Dollars. According to the account by Cristina Rojas in this morning’s Trenton Times, the financial numbers add up to a gap of $5.9 Million of expenses over revenue. As a result, the School Board approved a plan that will unfortunately lead to the layoff [...]

Los 8 Pilares del fracaso

As an experiment, we’re trying to translate a few of these pieces into Spanish. The main post can be found here:

Dear Mayor Jackson

As e-mailed this morning, 3/15/16

Dear Mayor Jackson -

News reports today tell us that in a press conference yesterday, you announced that “the city’s outside labor counsel is reviewing its internal controls and any steps that can be taken to ensure there is no repeat of its payroll fiasco.” I am glad that you are [...]

Business as Usual

The headline for Cristina Rojas’ story posted on The Times of Trenton’s website yesterday is “How many red flags were missed over Trenton’s payroll problems?” I am glad that the press is looking at the documentation coming available about the multi-million dollar theft of city funds intended for payroll tax deposits with the IRS and [...]

This Is Their Story, and They Are Sticking With It

So here is the brief supporting the lawsuit that the City of Trenton filed on February 19 against the former vendor Innovative Payroll Services (IPS), its principal John Scholtz and Scholtz’s two daughters, who also worked at IPS. The case was filed in Mercer County’s Superior Court, not US District Court as [...]

Werewolves of Trenton

A couple of weeks ago, as the mystery regarding the City of Trenton’s missing tax millions deepened, I published a piece using the metaphor of a barking dog to explain my befuddlement at how this whole story had rolled out. Based on reporting in the local press, mostly by Cristina Rojas of the [...]

Eight Pillars of Failure

As of this morning – Friday, February 26, 2016 – the most recent Press Release on the website of the City of Trenton is from February 5. That date happened to be the very day we first heard news about what turned out to be the theft of Millions of Dollars from the City of [...]

I Forgot to Ask Them to Be Honest

I never learn.

I’d spent almost two weeks of bitching about the total news blackout of information coming from Trenton City Hall about the scandal connected with the theft of Millions of Dollars of money intended for tax payments to the State and Federal Governments by the City’s former [...]