To the City of Trenton

E-mailed this morning to Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson, Public Works Director Merkle Cherry, and Council President Zachary Chester -

Good Morning -

Last month, as news broke that the City of Trenton had missed a deadline to submit proposals for grant funding from the State’s Transportation Trust Fund, you Mayor Jackson called that failure a “debacle,” and [...]

Where Was Trenton?

A hearing on four Trenton Water Works (TWW)-related bills was held this afternoon by the State Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee. These proposed bills were announced last month by Committee Chair and 14th Legislative District (D-Hamilton) Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, as the first major legislative response to the vast problems of the Water Works over the [...]

Premature Victory Lap? Or, Not Ready For Primetime?

If I were a one-term Trenton City Council member seeking, as At-Large Member Duncan Harrison is, a promotion to the Mayor’s Office after a Council term that was – you pick the best word: Lackluster? Disappointing? Disastrous? – I might grasp at anything that could conceivably be called an “accomplishment” to [...]

Comments Delivered at Trenton City Council - March 15, 2018

NOTE: I offered a public comment at last night’s Council meeting, the text of which is below. Most of it should be self-explanatory. But it will make very little sense if you don’t know what a “Consent Agenda” is. As the snapshot of last night’s agenda (below) shows, it’s procedure by which Council votes an [...]

Mush, the Machine, and Mud

Walker Worthy’s first campaign for Mayor of Trenton in 2014 was notable for three things.

First, a rather mushy policy platform centering on an economic development plan for the City featuring the idea of a Trenton-based gambling casino. The less said about this plan, the better.

Second, an extremely close and somewhat inappropriate self-identification with the Mercer [...]

It's Nice to Have Home Court Advantage!

With official certification given by the Trenton City Clerk’s Office to all Mayoral and Council Candidates who have qualified for the May 8 ballot, there’s been no time ¬†wasted announcing the first of what I hope will be several candidate Forums and Town Halls. The first is happening this Monday evening, sponsored by the Trenton [...]

Oops, Walker Worthy

As emailed to Trenton’s City Clerk’s Office, 3/8/2018:

Good Afternoon -

Below is a screengrab of the list of qualified Candidates for Mayor as Released by your Office.

Walker Worthy is listed with the notation “Democrat for the People.”

I must point out that Trenton’s Municipal Elections are non-partisan. As such, any affiliation is prohibited by state law. [...]

I Suppose This is Her Answer

In January of last year, the first preliminary assessments made during the property revaluation performed for the City of Trenton by Appraisal Systems Inc. (ASI) were made public. They didn’t look good for many homeowners then, and the final results bore out the trend glimpsed in the preliminary numbers. Citywide, on average residential properties stayed [...]

Trenton's Only Real Entertainment District is 319 East State Street

In what is likely to be the Last Hurrah for Trenton’s Housing and Economic Development Department under the Eric Jackson Administration, City Council will tonight consider an Ordinance to create two new Entertainment Districts on the City.

Too bad the Administration is going about this in a totally ass backwards way. Oh, [...]

Debacle? Plenty to Share

In further development of a story that the outgoing mayor of Trenton has called a “debacle,” Isaac Avilucea at The Trentonian wrote a followup story that was posted online last night. In this piece, Mr. Avilucea linked to a July 24, 2017 letter sent to municipalities statewide by¬† Richard Hammer, then Commissioner of the NJ [...]