The Gumshoe is On the Other Foot Now, Mr. Muschal

When Trenton’s South Ward Councilmember George Muschal thought he was under a covert extra-judicial investigation by the Administration of former mayor Tony Mack led by his brother Ralphiel, he was incensed. Just plain pissed off.

“They’re coming at me full force now. You  just can’t make this stuff up. I have it on good authority [...]

No One Looks Good on This

My advice to the members of Trenton’s City Council: Shut Up Already!

Nothing you are saying, or not saying, is helping. In fact, every time you open your mouths and try to clarify, or support, or defend, you only succeed in being yet more offensive, and digging yourselves in deeper. You are also showing that you [...]

We've Been Here Before

From The Trentonian, July 15, 2015:

Police say the tip they received was in regards to a single employee engaged in drug activity. But a Trenton Water Works employee who asked to remain anonymous said “numerous people” who work at the Water Filtration Plant not only use drugs at work, but also deal [...]

Amazingly, Graced

I don’t usually write much about issues outside the borders of the city of Trenton. Sometimes, I touch upon matters encompassing greater Mercer County, and even more rarely the entirety of the State of New Jersey. I don’t often feel confident or competent enough to offer any thoughts about topics of [...]

Trenton as a Fixer Upper

To a certain degree, trying to market the city of Trenton as a place for potential economic and business opportunity is a lot like trying to sell an old house in need of a lot of repair and restoration work. You talk about a great past, solid foundations and “great bones.” You point to nearby [...]

Seven Phases of Project Planning

Phase I – Inspiration

“The Meadowlands Xanadu project is expected to generate 20,000 permanent jobs in New Jersey – translating into $1.24 billion in personal income annually – and 19,000 construction and related jobs – equal to $1.17 billion in annual personal income. The project is estimated [...]

A Casino in Mercer County Makes No Sense

During last year’s Trenton mayoral election, I was surprised and mystified when candidate Walker Worthy, seemingly out of nowhere, proposed bringing a casino to the city to jump start development here. I thought it was a horrible idea for the City, and wrote two pieces in March 2014 criticizing it. This morning, [...]

On Being a Trenton Democrat in the 15th LD

I had originally planned to conclude my piece yesterday, on the inadequacy of the “Dan Toto for Assembly” campaign, with my feelings about the other Democratic candidates for Assembly in Tuesday’s party primary election. However I decided that my emphasis on the SSNB (Same Shit, New Box) theme, directed as it was against the masquerading [...]

There's New. There's Fresh. And Then There's The Same Old Shit in a New Box

Watching the final several episodes of the AMC tv series “Mad Men” over the last few weeks led me to ponder, among other matters, the great role of Marketing and Advertising in our daily lives. For most of the 20th Century, and so far into the 21st, American culture has created an art form in [...]

Trenton. Where Good Ideas Get Ruined.

Over the last several years, there’s been a lot to laugh at in Trenton, New Jersey. The things that have happened here; the words that have been said; the people that say them; have all provided us all a lot of smiles, chuckles, titters, and outright guffaws. Most of the time the humor is only [...]