Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?

At last night’s meeting, City Council voted to reverse the hasty and administratively improper decision of Trenton’s Acting Mayor George Muschal to terminate the employment of Fire Director Qareeb Bashir. Mr. Bashir was restored to his position for the remainder of the current mayoral term at the end of June.

Most of [...]

So, What Exactly Has Changed in Four Years

“He is no longer an employee. If you are no longer an employee you cannot come in there.”

– “Acting” Mayor George Muschal, on the events of April 16, 2014, during which Trenton Police Officers were called to Trenton Fire Department Headquarters after Fire Director Qareeb Bashir showed up to work [...]

All's Cheerless, Dark and Deadly

Several years in the past – less than four, although they seem an age ago – I felt something positively Shakespearean in the drama then unfolding in Trenton’s City Hall. Looking at the man who had after years of planning and grasping for the job had finally achieved the office of Mayor, I felt echoes [...]

Playing Endorsement Games

Last week on April 2, the campaign of mayoral candidate Paul Perez staged a press conference on the steps of Trenton City Hall to announce the endorsement of Mr. Perez’s candidacy by former Trenton Board of Education Toby Sanders. This endorsement by one of the City’s leading educational figures was considered a big [...]

More Nuts and Bolts

In the section of his mayoral campaign platform on Economic Development, Eric Jackson concludes with a strong statement titled “Focus on the Fundamentals:”

We will work relentlessly to provide efficient, effective municipal services, from public safety to education, from garbage pick-up to [...]

Nuts and Bolts

If our Municipal Election is held as scheduled – a big IF this morning – we are now only 39 days away from selecting a new Mayor and (hopefully mostly) new City Council. Most of the mayoral candidates have by now issued some kind of campaign platform, laying out what they believe are the important [...]

You First, Mr. Bethea! After You, Ms. McBride!

Oh, this is rich!

One of the persons least justified in climbing on a high horse in this Trenton election season is Councilman-at-Large Alex Bethea. On a body blessed with an abundance of mediocrity and mendacity, with a pitiful 4-year “record” of accomplishment to show for their terms, Bethea surely stands out as being the most [...]

They Have Earned the Right

[Below is a adaptation of a note posted on a Facebook group page this morning. I think it is of general interest, so I post it here as well. - KM]

Members of the Committee formed to recall Tony Mack back in 2011 yesterday announced a formal endorsement of their preferred Mayoral candidate [...]

Big Think About Broadband

This is the time of the political season for Trenton’s May elections when some candidates feel they have to present their Big Ideas, their Vision Thing for Trenton’s future. The week before last, we read Deputy County Clerk Walker Worthy’s “Plan for Jobs and Economy;” we were not impressed. The Big Idea for Trenton’s economic [...]

If a Candidate Can't Follow Campaign Finance Law, Shouldn't That Tell You Something?

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) last week filed a complaint against Hoboken Council Member Beth Mason, alleging several violations of the state’s campaign laws dating back to her 2011 election campaign. That complaint, and the nature of the charges, should be of concern to current Trenton Mayoral candidate Eric Jackson and his [...]