Do the Math

Arithmetic, actually. It’s not that difficult, at all.

This morning, the Trenton Times printed an article by Cristina Rojas on the current effort to overturn Ordinance #16-50. Council passed this Ordinance, as well as Resolution #16-591 which the Ordinance authorized, on October 20. This Ordinance created salary ranges for Trenton’s Mayor Eric Jackson as well as [...]

Petitions are Ready!

Petitions are ready!

Trenton’s City Council approved Ordinance #16-50 on Thursday evening. This Ordinance sets salary ranges for the Mayor, Chief of Staff, Business Administrator, Municipal Judges and Departmental & Division Directors. By separate Resolution, Council authorized 3% raises, retroactive to January 1 for all the above, excepting the Chief of Staff.

We believe 3% is [...]

Eric Jackson's Crime Solution has a Problem of its Own

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson has a problem.

Under considerable pressure by citizens to say something and do something in response to a severe uptick in violent crime in Trenton over the summer months, and facing criticism for being mostly silent and invisible during the weeks when frequent shootings were wounding and killing people at a frantic [...]

THIS is What We Were Waiting For?

There was quite the building-up of expectations for yesterday’s presentation on public safety in Trenton by Mayor Eric Jackson. Expectations created and managed by Mr. Jackson and his Administration. A Monday headline in the Trentonian proclaimed, “Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson to take drastic measures against violence.” In the article under that headline, Mr. Jackson sure [...]

The Latest on the City Management Salaries

Last night, Trenton’s City Council met in a regularly-scheduled session. As had been reported the day before, Council did not discuss or vote on the Salary Range Ordinance #16-50 or the implementing Resolution #16-591, having postponed the matter until its upcoming October 20 meeting. However, a few members of the salary petition Committee attended the [...]

Welcome to Capital City Motors!

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping in. My name’s Eric, and I’m the Owner and CEO around here. Take my business card! You are absolutely correct, it’s a Twenty Dollar Bill! It’s got my name on it, right there. Easy to remember! Be sure to tip the valet on the way out, ha ha!

I see you [...]

What is Too Painful to Remember, We Simply Choose to Forget

“The relocation of the state’s Health, Agriculture and Taxation office buildings, Christie argued, would spur ‘private-sector employment, innovation, modern housing and recreation’ in New Jersey’s 10th largest city, which for years has been plagued by poverty and crime.

“‘It’s a good day for the city of Trenton,’ he said.”  – 9/7/16

Light [...]

Generic EpiRaise

A couple of weeks ago, Trenton’s Mayor Eric Jackson called himself “a chief executive officer of the capital city.” There’s a recent example in the world of business in which that comparison is not so far out of the realm of possibility.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Mylan Corporation and more specifically its CEO [...]

A 15% Raise for On-The-Job Training? NO!!!

“[O]ur city needs a leader who does not require on-the-job training, a leader who has worked in every aspect of municipal government, a leader who has never abandoned Trenton when the going got tough.” – Candidate Eric Jackson, Op-Ed piece, Trenton Times, June 2, 2014

Well, that’s good. [...]

An Ode for Trenton's City Parks

As sent from Trenton City Hall:

For use in case you see any City workers in any of our public parks this Fall: