Word Salad

I guess we know why it’s so difficult to get Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson to speak on record with the press. When he does, he doesn’t make sense. Either that, or he lies.

Case in point: On Wednesday of this week, the Trentonian published an article, based on information found and released by former Trenton resident [...]

Time to Pay the Piper?

Back during the last Trenton city election in 2014, I introduced readers of this space to Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason. At that time, Ms. Mason had been a Hoboken Council member since 2007. She’d also run, unsuccessfully, for Mayor a few times.

I thought her story would be of interest to Trenton readers in [...]

No Laughing Matter

Thanks to Trenton alumnus (and now Hamilton’s own) Jim Carlucci, we see from the above screenshot that the non-profit organization “Moving Trenton Together,” founded by Trenton’s Mayor Eric Jackson in 2014, had its 501(c)(3) non-profit status revoked by the Internal Revenue Service last month. As you can read above, this status [...]

1,154 Days In, and He Asks For Time...

Heavy Metal

Here we go again.

Hamilton is pissed. Mayor Kelly Yaede released a statement yesterday that says, in part, “Without advanced notice, we have learned today about the Trenton Water Works letter that residents are already receiving in the mail regarding lead in drinking water. I want our residents to know that we are taking action to [...]

Dear Councilman Chester

As e-mailed 8-8-2017:

Good Morning, Councilman -

With all due respect, kiss my ass!

You are quoted in a news story that ran on WPVI/6ABC yesterday on the subject of the recent property revaluation completed in the City of Trenton. Reporter Nora Muchanic reporter included this in her story:

“City Council President Zachary Chester, whose property [...]

The Revaluation of La-La Land - Revisited

I hate to say “I told you so,” but…

Last Night’s Trenton City Council session was marked by several indignant commercial property owners complaining to the Councilmembers about their new tax bills received in the mail this week. These tax bills were based on the recently-completed property revaluation conducted for the City by Appraisal Systems, Inc. [...]

The Christmas Mayor

If he seeks re-election next May, Trenton’s Mayor Eric Jackson will likely run on a record of bringing redevelopment money into Trenton. He has to hope that he will get all the acknowledgement, and votes, that he needs from getting money in, because he has been horrible at managing it once it’s here.

Like a benevolent [...]

For Those Keeping Score at Home

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated the ERA’s for Trenton’s last few mayors including the current one, Eric Jackson. Since Mr. Jackson will presumably look to get a contract extension, we should probably take a look at his current stats, don’t you think?

You may recall that we started calculating this statistic six months ago, as [...]

“This Is a Daily Process”

That’s a quote from City of Trenton Director of Housing and Economic Development Diana Rogers, as included in an article by Cristina Rojas in today’s Trenton Times, describing the loss of over $3.3 Million Dollars in future funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This loss, first reported in this space [...]