The Tony Mack Fan Club

WARNING: Extensive use of foul language in the video. However, nothing that isn’t heard forty times a day before breakfast.

This is the face of the Tony Mack Fan Club.

tony mack fan 1

This gentleman, along with several colleagues including mayoral brother and newly-hired Trenton Central High Football Coach Raphiel Mack showed up this morning to disrupt and intimidate a Recall Committee petition-signing drive.  This gentleman, who was later pointed out to me as one Terrance Bailey, went out of his way to personally insult me with racial language (some of which made it to video) and extensive cursing. Along with another colleague who identified himself on camera as Rodney Washington, Bailey and several other people – to me coordinated and directed by Raphiel Mack – disrupted a peaceful recall event. If this is the kind of behavior we are going to expect from the mayor and his family and allies, it is going to be a long and ugly petition campaign.

Things began peacefully enough this morning at 9AM. Several recall committee members and volunteers assembled at a West Ward convenience store to set up a signature table in the parking lot of the store (with the manager’s permission) and to walk door-to-door in the surrounding neighborhood. From 9:00 until about 10:30, all went well.Those of us who were at the corner of Oakland and Parkside tried flagging cars down with computer-printed signs. We also asked customers of the store as they entered or left. We were always courteous, and good-humored.

We had a lot of people sign the petition. Many refused, politely. Some told us we were wasting our time, that we didn’t have a chance. A few were vocal supporters of the mayor. One woman, who had vehemently refused to sign the petition, left the store at around 10:30, but came back with a few friends about 15 minutes later. The four of them brought home-made, hand-lettered signs supporting Tony Mack. They staked out the same stretches of sidewalks we were standing on, and started shouting out to the same drivers and store customers we were. “Support Your Mayor” and “Tell them ‘HELL, NO!’” were some of their slogans. These guys, while loud and obnoxious, at least kept their distance. One or two of them even marched around in the middle of the street with their signs, disrupting traffic. For the most part, though, they didn’t engage us or interfere with us, and neither did we with them.

At one point, around 11:00, one of the counter-demonstrators started to interfere while one of the recall volunteers was getting a signature from a citizen. I pulled out my cell phone to record this (fool me had left my Flip at home, although I had my iPhone); seeing me, the Mack supporter backed off.

At around 11:15, Raphiel Mack and at least two others, Bailey and Washington, arrived. I didn’t notice who drove, or if there was a 4th person who didn’t get involved. I stayed on my piece of sidewalk and just kept trying to engage drivers.I don’t know for a fact that their arrival then was just a coincidence or not, but the new group and the first group got along pretty well, that’s all I’m saying.

Mr. Bailey started to harass me, asking why I was trying to recall Tony Mack. I ignored him, which is when he starting baiting me. “Fuck you, whitey!” Fuck You!” he shouted, about three feet from me. I pulled out my phone again to record, which is when he covered his face as you see in the picture above and continued to curse and harass me. He concluded his rant with a friendly “You’re a piece of shit, white man” and drifted off to bother other committee members.

I wanted to record the license plate number of the vehicle that brought the second group of guys, but was interrupted by Rodney Washington. He yelled at me about being recorded, even though I hadn’t taped him up until that point. Then Washington, wearing a “Tony Mack Booster” t-shirt, got into my face and kept yelling until Raphiel Mack called him away. Washington, Bailey and Mack continued to challenge the recall petitioners in a way that I found disruptive and intimidating. A couple of minutes later they went after another individual committee member.

All this really disrupted and interrupted our work. It was hard to get anyone to sign with all that ruckus. At one point, someone (I never found out who), called the police. A beat officer showed up, talked to many people, and directed the Mack supporters to keep their distance, directing them further down Parkside as well as across the street.  At this point, no one wanted to file any complaints or take any further action. The officer chided me for shooting video, but I told her I was going to continue, and did.

While this was going on, a City vehicle showed up, and the driver spoke with R. Mack. He drove away when he saw I was recording his license plate. (I ran into the driver, by the way, later at Cadwalader Park. He denied being at the store on City time, but refused to say anything else, and just muttered darkly about upcoming lawsuits against the city’s newspapers and “all of you” for “getting into people’s business.”)

After the officer drove off, the pro-Mack people wandered back closer to the convenience store and to our side of Trenton. R. Mack was there the whole time (in the video linked below, he can be seen in the background, wearing a yellow t-shirt), and seemed to be directing the mayor’s supporters, although not participating in the worst behavior himself.

We all wrapped our work at Noon, and left. The pro-Tony people, with no one left to disrupt, did the same. As a parting comment, Mr. Washington came over to the recall table and said, “Hey, you know me. I know all of you. None of this was personal. Just Business!”

This afternoon, I went to Trenton Police Headquarters to ask how to file a complaint of harassment and intimidation. I was told I can’t do that until business hours on Tuesday morning. I will be there.

This was a small incident, but it was bullying. There was no violence, thank God, but there was intimidation and hate language, some of it on video for the world to see, as you can see, here.

The Mayor’s supporters made it perfectly clear today that they will not tolerate recall activities to be conducted in peace. For all his personal demeanor of friendliness and joviality in public, he has thugs working on his behalf behind the scenes, including members of his own family. This has to stop before someone gets hurt. For their part, the Trenton School Board should consider what kind of weekend activities their new coach is getting involved in!

This morning was disgraceful. I hope, and will demand from the Mayor that he rein in his supporters, and his brother. The Mayor wasn’t there today, and I will not suggest he knew about this or directed it.  But these people acted in his name and Tony Mack is responsible for them.

They should know that this Recall effort will not be intimidated, we will not respond to racist insults or threats, and we are not going away. They should also know that individuals will be held responsible for their behavior. Recordings will be made, and made Public.

If this is his Fan Club’s definition of “Just Business,” we want no part of it!

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  • What video? I don’t see it?

  • Jo Carolyn

    Thanks for recapping this tasteless representation of the Mayor by these individuals. Since I was there as a part of the recall effort, I witnessed it all. It was a shameful attempt to disrupt and intimidate. But instead, we got more people stopping to sign petitions and to also take more petitions with them to help with the effort.

  • Shaheed M. Morris

    Kevin – Sorry to read such an awful event today. It’s even more sad that these are the type of people working in City Hall. It’s without question Ghetto-Hall… In most jobs if an employee acts as such when they’re not working, they would fired for lack of judgment. Stay in encouraged. Sincerely, Shaheed M.Morris.

  • Maria Jones

    Wow – how degrading (and frightening). So easily this could have escalated into violence and was right there on the edge. I supported Tony for Mayor. He deserved a shot and I am not ashamed to say it. But I have become in all ways extremely disappointed with his term in office to date. If people were not willing to advocate his recall, many people just swung the other way. The conduct of his brother et al today speaks volumes – they are out of control.

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  • Bill

    Look at it this way…as long as Mack gives tacit approval to the kind of “support”, the recall effort will flourish! Kudos to the recall committee and all the volunteers who remain peaceful, professional and focused on the task at hand. These Mack supporters actions show exactly what’s wrong with Trenton and the people in charge in city hall. They will only drive more folks to sign the recall petition. Maybe some off duty cops can donate security services to petition drive volunteers…menacing and intimidation must not be tolerated as OK in politics. The MackPack looked ready for a reall violence…unacceptable.

  • robert garner

    This was horrible,,and the people of really wonder why we don’t have anything here.
    The ignorance of people.when we as people have the power of choice choose they right person for tha job and not the one that you think will get you a job……doug palmer whom use to live on spring street sold “his” town out……now where’s doug???? Tony been in turmoil since he first became a “freeholder” in tha city of trenton. They talk about chris christie and the 27.1 million that was taking out of new jersey….think back to when he(tha governor) said he’s “gonna turn new jersey upside down” and that’s exactlly what he did. The people of new jersey vote for him(tha governor) now they want to complain about his actions stop voting for these incompetent people with mockery campains that suck everybody in like canals…..if we the people have the power to recall mack then we should recall christie and every other elected official that does not stand up to tha job that is required…”let’s get our city In order people”….

  • Gman

    That washington guy was a real punk,so was the guy at the end. mack should be ashamed of himself. Tring to intimdate a guy holding the camera. These guys don’t have anything to lose, so sure I’ll intimidate and threaten. I’m a tough guy. Just b/c you live in the slumbs doesn’t mean you have to act like an animal.

  • Monica


  • sean madison

    so fucking what who gives a fuck your a pussy for going to sign a complaint do whatever you want knock yourself silly

  • go sign a complaint who gives a fuck knock yourself silly “oh judge they were yelling and calling me names crybaby here is another “pussy!” wish i was there

  • Shyina Edwards

    Kudos to Mack’s crew. They just made more evident why should anyone sign the recall petition: because those individuals portrayed in this video are the ones governing the City, those are the Mayor’s advisors. Because that is the level of the Mayor’s friends, followers and defenders. You should see all of them “parading” along City Hall’s hallways all day long.
    Think about it.

    Skunks would be terrible offended if we call the Mayor and his crew “skunks”.



  • Kevin

    Hey, Shirley – Yes, I agree. The main characters do seem straight from a badly-written book. They are stereotypical, badly motivated, and their dialog is certainly unimaginative. In any work of fiction, I concur that these characters would be considered not very credible. However, don’t take my word for it. A lot of their best work is on video and is, unfortunately, 100% accurate.

    I couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • joanna

    wow I really hope supporters od mack watch this to see what they are supporting he needs to go and his clown posse

  • bill

    wow that reminded me of 1969 its really sad to see that we have made no progress.

  • Kevin, I am seriously bothered by your recap… I didn’t watch the video. I am disgusted enough as it is. And I am really sorry that the Mack anti recall effort is so pointed on this being about race… and that you had to experience that harrassment. Words of hate, for me, always leave a distasteful angst in my spirit… make me feel violated. I am adamant about race healing and not baiting people; you certainly were in this situation and for that as an African American, I am apologizing… This type of behavior, being described as just doing business, does confirm for us all that we have a group of thugs in City Hall; a group of ignorant thugs mind u. Damn Tony… this is what you worked for and fought with Doug about? This is the struggle you’ve conquered as you promote your book? What?!! Disgusting to hear and sets our city back considerably; as if we don’t have enough “race work’ to do… I am personally offended and am personally apologizing Moriarty whose work and effort on behalf of this City I respect. It’s too bad our Mayor seems only interested in singular outcomes for certain individuals rather than the corporate benefits that comes from building bridges between different groups who dwell together here in the city. Are any scruples(?) left in the Leadership at City Hall (and there are reasonable, hard working people there who believe in the City and its people; I work with them everyday to move things forward); but leadership, leadership does not tolerate these gangster, intimidation tactics. Old school approaches to a new age political order will ultimately FAIL… Just look around the globe – the people are tired! Tony is courting a universal condemnation if his arrogance continues and his team is promoting hostility and condemnation.

  • Tyrone that was well said thanks.

  • I read every word of this and I have one word for all of it MORTIFIED!!!

  • I wouldnt have voted for tony mack if you paid me a million dollars most information is public info when running for any public office google Tony Mack. He is not someone you vote for.

  • Gr8rh8r

    When we gunna learn to turn the camera landscape and get a decent shot?
    And what is the law regarding taking pictures of people on public property?
    Though actual law may vary slightly from street view .

  • Brian

    This is a prime example of how the race issue is perpetuated by those claiming to be mistreated by the system. The anti recall people were trying their hardest to get someone on the petition committee to call them the N word…that, at it’s heart was all this was about! And I am sure they will continue to do so. It disgusts me the people in this video are representing those in Trenton who actually care and have a head on their shoulders. Keep up the good work Kevin…I am anxiously awaiting the oppotunity to sign! Ps…I think you should sue for being called a ‘whitey.’ I know I was offended!

  • Kevin

    @Gr8rh8r – Yeah, right? Actually, LOL, my camerawork should put paid to those speculating on the Trentonian that this was an incident “set up” by the recall folk. Hmmm, I recall that the Mayor speculated that some events last summer by police and Sheriff’s deputies might also have been “set up” by the Trentonian. Hmmmm…

    Anyway, as I described in my post, I usually carry a Flip phone. Instead I left that at home and had my new iPhone. This is a new iPhone, having just two weeks ago traded in a Blackberry. This was the first video I shot with it, and frankly didn’t know you were supposed to shoot landscape. This 30-year TV professional is red-faced about it. (And for anyone else who saw me on Saturday morning, I have a red head to match). In the middle of events, I handled the phone the way I am used to with the Flip and Blackberry. I wasn’t that conscious of proper framing and white balance, LOL. Next time I intend to do a better job.

    Seriously, I do want to thank all of the commenters above, including those colleagues who were working at the petition event. There is no need for any of you to apologize or feel bad on my behalf. My anger is directed toward those few individuals who use the language and tactics of intimidation for their own personal ends of protecting their own positions of political advantage, and damn the cost to civil discourse.

    Tyrone, you said it very well: these people, and I include the Mayor, are “only interested in singular outcomes for certain individuals rather than the corporate benefits that comes from building bridges between different groups who dwell together here in the city.”

    Acting in the defense of “singular outcomes for certain individuals” rather than positive outcomes for the many is the definition of Corruption. THAT is what I hope will be the takeaway from these events. People are engaging in these types of tactics to defend their own turf in our city’s government. That is deeply Corrupt, and deeply wrong.

  • Miguel


    I am a tax paying resident of Trenton who agrees 100% with your cause. You should come out to the corner of Stockton and Academy street. You will have the whole neighborhood signing the petition and I Guarantee you won’t have the same issue you had with those Mack supporters.

  • I saw the video and also read the blogs,the main concern about filming was that it gave the mack supporters a platform on which to perform,but it also gave a very good example of the mentality of the Mayor and his supporters.The reality of this all is,this reaction surely was not a surprise was it?Again it comes down to being informed about candidates prior to the vote, but in this case it’s having grown up in this city ,life long friendships and family members as supporters. Given these issues we donot need to add race as an issue to further sensationalize this tragedy.

  • tank

    Macks new slogan – FUCK YOU WHITEY

  • Mr. Gaskins…I concur.

  • Dana Belgrave-Crawford

    Wow! I don’t even live there anymore and I can see what you guys are going through. The people have the right to make a choice so I commend you guys in your effort but the last and final jury is the Lord. Lean on the Lord, place all your cares and worries on Him for vengence is the Lord’s.

  • Poet Abdullah

    ~…You know a Tree by the fruit it bears, you know a PERSONS CHARACTER by the people they call friend,..or associate with,..or give a job to,..or allow to act like PIT BULL THUGS against the right of the people, under CONSTITUTIONAL LAW to recall an incompetent MAYOR ~… I support TRUTH and JUSTICE. I support the cause for a more INTELLIGENT and PRODUCTIVE leadership in TRENTON N.J., where do I SIGN. I did not vote for the current Mayor. I supported Eric Jackson. To me Politics in America is a slimy game, and the political situation in this City is a shameful example of this corrupt process. Yet, I know that it is a necessary evil of this time. It is a cesspool of contradiction that many INTELLIGENT and SINCERE people refuse to enter or participate in. Because, it can be a deadly virus of GREED, DECEPTION and EGO MANIA. Now, when you add to that combination STUPIDITY, ARROGANCE, ANGER and THUGGERY…Behold we see TYRANNY, and current SOCIAL CANCER we are experiencing in our city.