Someone Else Has No Power

What the Current Occupant fails to address in his latest statement (and how do we know he wrote it? And from where? After all, on the Internet no one knows if you’re a dog. So how do we know this is the CO talking??) are any of the ACTIONS taken by the Administration during the week.

ALL of the “accomplishments” lauded in this release are related to Communications: he “informed,” “provided real-time updates,”utilized the Hotline,” and “posted on Facebook.” Oh, and he waved his hand and “ordered” things to happen.

Spoken like a Communications Director, not a Mayor.

Why did the City start voluntary evacuations of the Island when there was ZERO INDICATION that the Delaware would flood?

Why, at the end of this evacuation, did the City announce that residents coule pick up their keys at the Mobile Command Center, and THEN REMOVE THE MOBILE COMMAND CENTER?

Why did the City attempt a relocation of senior citizens from several facilities without confirming that vehicles were available for the effort? “NJ Transit buses were unavailable for the relocation and a request for busses from Mercer County had not been answered by the time city officials called off the move,” says the Times. How brainless was that?

These were ACTIONS that the City took, not information bursts.

As far as information goes, just where has the Mayor been these last days? He did not show at all during the storm, and his car was seen parked at his house in Berkeley Square, nowhere near City Hall or Mobile Command. Why did the Mayor not appear at City Hall last night to reassure a shaken City, leaving his Business Administrator to do the heavy lifting?

When you get to the point that you have to raise your voice and yell that “the Mayor’s Office is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day operations of City Government” and that “I have been involved with every aspect of decision making related to Hurricane Sandy,” – claims that should be glaringly obvious without saying in any other town – then I think it shows just the opposite.

The CO should stop working so hard to try to say he’s in charge. He’s not. Half the City is still blacked out, but Tony Mack lost power long ago.

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