With Apologies to all of America's Infants...

What a baby!

With the city of Trenton, along with the entire Eastern seaboard recovering from last week’s storm; with several thousand of its residents still without heat and power; with the condition of hundreds of senior citizens who refused a voluntary – and horribly botched – evacuation from their housing apparently not much of a concern; with all this and more, the Current Occupant of the Mayor’s Office has his knickers in a twist not about any of these things, but about “efforts to denigrate the Office of Mayor.”

I am not kidding. From an undisclosed location and from the pen of an undisclosed author, the CO sent out a 3-page screed outlining a timeline detailing the affront to his personal honor.

A big snooze to read, but go ahead.

As far as I am concerned, far more relevant is this timeline from Mr. Front Stoop outlining – once again! – just who has been actually denigrating the very office he continues to occupy.

I am not going to spend any more time on this latest outburst from The Big Baby of East State Street. He seems to be set in a pattern of governance by Press Release. He is no longer a presence at City Hall. He failed to provide a physical presence at the City’s Mobile Command Center or in the City’s neighborhoods during last week’s emergency; the Police worked with little to no updates from him or from the Administration about closures, outages or contingency plans, seeking out that information themselves or from other parties.

His sycophants, aides and fools  cover for him by speaking and writing in his name, while he continues his long, slow fade out from his home, his brother’s home, or any other of several locations that are not City Hall.

If this man wants to establish that he is still in charge in this town, that he can speak for and defend himself, his policies and his Administration, let him hold a no-holds-barred open press conference, with no set duration. He’s been non-accountable, non-responsive and invisible for too long. Once a month limited appearances from the dysfunctional City Council don’t cut it. He owes the people of this town at least this much.

Will he do it? Not a chance. He’s too much of a baby. No offense meant to any real babies, of course!

3 comments to With Apologies to all of America’s Infants…

  • Robert Chilson

    You left the “N” off of Eastern in the first line. Not that I mind, I love Easter bunnies. (:

  • ed w

    good work, his honor definitely has none, he needs to resign.

    those council member that didn’t vote for his pay cut need to be replaced, ASAP.

    what were they thinking? that the city would have to pay for his defense? make it clear that any attorney that does so will not receive any work, that will limit the BS arguments.

  • Kevin

    Thanks, Bobby. Fixed.

    Ed – This man has no honor, you are right about that.