What Didn't Get Done Last Night

What Trenton’s City Council Didn’t Do Last Night. [PARENTAL WARNING: SCOTTISH PERSONAL EPITHETS BELOW!!]

Trenton’s Council didn’t review and approve Twenty-One “Communications and Petitions,” comprising:

  • 12 Civil Foreclosure, Default or other Mortgage Actions
  • 4 Tort Claims: one for property damage, 3 for personal injury
  • 5 Other miscellaneous Orders and Reports

Council didn’t approve One Raffle Application from the MVC Social Activities Club for nineteen 50/50 Raffles. But the raffles aren’t scheduled to begin until April 7, and they run through December. No worries, MVC; you have time!

Four Sets of Meeting Minutes weren’t approved. Two sets were of Budget hearings, and two for regular meetings and conference sessions.

Council failed to deliberate on Twenty-Eight Resolutions, including as examples:

  • 2 Resolutions to reject bids repairing and restoring (Thanks, Eliz Yull!) the Fireman Statue and its Pedestal that used to sit in front of City Hall until it was vandalized four years ago. I don’t know why the bids were being rejected. Council didn’t have a chance to tell us last night!
  • 1 Resolution “Confirming the Governing the Governing Body Certification of the Annual Audit (2016).” Will we ever find out what’s in that Audit? Who knows?
  • 1 Resolution “in Support of Pursuing Trenton’s Bright Solar Future and Making New Jersey a World-Class Solar State.” So we’ve THAT going for us. Eventually. Maybe.
  • 1 Resolution “Authorizing a Meeting which Excludes the Public (Personnel: Deputy Municipal Clerk).” Well, that’s Ironic!

Two Ordinances scheduled for 2nd Reading and Public Hearing will have to be re-scheduled, including one measure to lease the City-owned property on 1115 Greenwood Avenue to “Howard’s Healthy Choices.” Nice to know we’ll have Healthy Choices for our Bright Solar Future! Well, maybe not, since Council didn’t have a chance last night to approve either measure.

Three Ordinances which were intended to be Introduced for their 1st Readings last night.

And, of course, no Public Comment on these or any other matters of public interest and concern were addressed to the Honorable Members.

None of these items were heard in Council last night. No action was taken, no comments entered into public record. Another night of inaction by the City of Trenton?

Why was this, you may ask?

Because, after nearly seven years for most of the Council members, and almost three years for one of them, these guys do not have one fucking clue how to run a meeting, let alone do their jobs.

In this specific instance, Council failed to properly oversee and supervise the one City department it has jurisdiction over, the Office of the City Clerk. This account in the Trentonian by David Foster politely calls last night aborted meeting (after a full 40 minutes of inaction, however!) a “train wreck.”

Let’s call it what it really was: a cluster fuck perpetrated by the inept, helpless, incompetents we elected (and re-elected, for 6 of them) in 2014.

God help us, we have no one but ourselves to blame that we sent most of these witless fucking cocksplat gobshites (thank you, Scotland,!) back to another term in office after making such a mess of things in their first terms.

Can’t we do better than these utter twonks?

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