A Stroll Down the Internet - American Water Around the Country

Recent stories in the news about American Water and their affiliates

St. Joseph, MO – Missouri American Water rate increase request of 26% knocked down to 3.4% – June 4, 2010

Indiana American Water raises rates for West Lafayette by 40% – “more to come” – May 31, 2010

Felton, California celebrates buying back its water system from American Water – Company had tried to raise rates in 2002 by 74%, knocked down to 44% by the State of California – May 27, 2010

The State of Ohio refuses to approve Ohio American Water’s 60% rate increase – May 8, 2010

PA American Water files request to raise sewer rates in its Claysville-Donegal system by 142% – April 23, 2010

Illinois American Water set to raise rates in Peoria by 22% – April 16, 2010

NJ State Legislators Concerned about New Jersey American Water’s 13.6% increase request – rates will have risen 62% since 2003 – April 15, 2010

Edgewood, New Mexico sees 42% increase from American Water – April 12, 2010

Virginia American Water moves to raise one town’s rates by 33%, another by 55% – March 21, 2010

Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky starts petition drive to protest 37% rate increase by Kentucky American Water – March 20, 2010

In Other News:

TrentonYES (New Jersey American Water) promises the suburban customers of Trenton Water Works that their water bills will actually DECREASE when they become customers of NJ American Water

Pigs Fly!

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